Experiences and Innovation
From fluid website design to mobile innovations, applications that make businesses reach wider audiences, digital-led on ground activation, alternate reality experiences and more, that bring brands to the forefront and get users to sit up and take notice. Gone are the days when brands would get noticed for catchy taglines and loud advertising. It's all about an immersive engaging experience, where the user is.
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Connections and Engagement
It's the age of being social, the age of conversations, the age of sharing, the age of liking, the age of publicly displayed opinions, the age of instagrammers and tweeters and posters and bloggers and word-of-mouthers and digital connections and breaking the clutter and we've got you covered.
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Research and Analytics
Numbers don't lie. Numbers tell the whole story. Numbers are facts. Numbers are your friends. Public opinion matters in this age of free information and numbers can go a long way in making or breaking your image or story or thought and what the user perceives it as. Intimidated by data? Let us interpret it for you. Let us tailor-make solutions for you based on those numbers. Make your brand stand out from the competition. Get noticed.
Got a marketing budget and not quite sure how much to pump into digital? You know your target is active in the digital world but don't know how to reach them? Unsure of which digital medium to spend on to reach the widest audience? Talk to us. Our experts will help you plan, optimise and finally reach the audience of your choice right where they are.
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About Us
We are a team of young professionals who share the passion and commitment towards understanding the consumers, developing tools that will help decipher & engage them and delivering to our client the best results. We offer end to end digital marketing solution including Digital media planning and buying, social media marketing, social application development and deployment and Online reputation management.

Vinish Kathuria

Girish Mahajan
Strategy and Planning Head

Santosh Kumar
Digital Marketing Head

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C-802,803 8th Floor, Nirwana Courtyard, Nirwana Country Sector-50, Gurgaon-122001.
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